Texas assisted living & Alzheimer's care

Our Story

Our personal story is Our experience.

The beginning……..

  Silver Ridge’s founding partners, we have experienced and been deeply affected by the stress, frustration, anger and grief of caring for aging parents who suffered the physical, intellectual and emotional ravages of old age, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  We learned the hard way, how distressing and difficult this process can be, and how long-lasting the emotional fall-out. Over time, a small idea and a continuing inspiration to help others facing this situation blossomed into an all-consuming concept: to build a memory care community like no other; a place that provides a level of continued compassionate care that was not available to us and our parents in our times of need. 

The experience of establishing the Silver Ridge Residential Community and raising the bar on care for the elderly has had a hugely healing effect on us.  We are passionate about extending our reach from Colleyville to Southlake, Denton and Aledo, and then, onto other cities, towns and communities in Texas. Eventually, we hope to make Silver Ridge’s standard of gently attentive, nurturing and respectful care the rule rather than the exception. 

We believe that the entire assisted living and memory care industry needs an overhaul. We believe that spreading our positive message of continuous compassionate care and teaching others in the industry how it should be done is the right thing to do. It is also a profoundly noble and necessary cause.  While our painful personal journeys led us to devote our professional lives to this worthy cause, we have found it a magnificent and rewarding mission to care for the elderly in a small clean, safe and secure environment that preserves their dignity, quality of life and sense of community ‘til the end of their days.  

Launched for the right reasons and implemented the right way, Silver Ridge leaves the traditional concept of senior care and “old folks’ homes” in the dust.  For us, and for the professional caregivers we’ve selected for our unique team, the belief that “the joy of getting older deeply depends on the environment in which one lives” is firmly ingrained in our psyches. As we’ve touched more lives and witnessed the impact on and the gratitude of our residents and their families, we’ve realized that “the Silver Ridge way” is a grand calling. 

We cherish our residents and encourage them to take advantage of our around-the-clock health and personal care services, an environment that promotes independence and privacy. Our broad array of unique programs specifically designed to promote wellness and intellectual stimulation. 

“Continuous, compassionate care” is far more than a marketing slogan or tagline. It is our personal promise and professional commitment to every family that entrusts the care of a loved one to the Silver Ridge Residential Community.  

We wish you a blessed stay and joyful days filled with silver linings.